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Breast Lift

The breasts may begin to sag and lose proportion with aging, pregnancy, breastfeeding and weight loss. Some women have concerns such as nipples pointing downward and their bras and swimsuits not fitting properly. Women looking to address the sagginess and restore a firmer, perkier, and more pleasing breast contour can consider advanced breast lift surgery offered at the practice of Dr. Spero J Theodorou in NYC. The surgeon is skilled in the procedure and utilizes advanced techniques and resources to help you achieve youthful-looking breasts. Individualized mastopexy procedures can address the above mentioned aesthetic concerns as well as issues such as tuberous breasts and asymmetric breasts.

What Does the Procedure Involve?

The advanced mastopexy surgery performed by Dr. Spero J Theodorou helps you achieve a well proportioned bust line and the treatment does the following.

  • Reshapes and tightens the breast tissue
  • Removes excess and sagging skin
  • Reduces stretched, large areola
  • Raises the nipple and areola to a more upward position
  • Makes wide breasts narrower or slightly smaller

The surgeon would choose an incision pattern and technique that would work best for you. With the goal of providing optimal results with the least scarring, the right method is recommended after taking into account the amount of breast tissue and excess skin to be removed.

Personalized Solutions

Dr. Theodorou is specialized in cosmetic breast surgery and offers personalized solutions after understanding your breast and body anatomy, the actual enhancement required and your goals and preferences. He may sometimes advise a combination treatment of breast augmentation and lift if that can bring sbout a natural and better-looking outcome. For increasing breast volume, the surgeon offers FDA-approved silicone gel, saline, gummy bear and IDEAL implants.

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Breast Lift

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