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Cheek Augmentation

We may be blessed with all the right facial attributes but over a period of time the beauty and charm of the cheek would diminish on account of aging, environmental factors and overexposure to the sun. Dr Spero Theodorou – a leading plastic surgeon in Manhattan, New York City (NYC), offers cheek augmentation procedure, which enhances the appearance of your cheeks.

Cheek Augmentation

- Adds Volume to Cheeks

The unique cheek augmentation procedure that Dr. Theodorou offers with his experienced team of clinical staff adds volume to sunken or drawn cheeks and gives them a fuller and more balanced appearance. One can consider synthetic, non-synthetic implants or even fat grafting techniques to attain the desired appearance with regard to the facial structure.

The procedure can also give an enhanced definition to the cheekbones, thereby bringing about a distinct look worthy of praise and appreciation. Dr. Theodorou sees to it that patients feel little or no pain. For this he administers a safe anesthetic which would minimize recovery time and help patients return to work sooner.

Benefit from the Best Care and Treatment

Cheek augmentation has much to do with the level of skill and experience of the performing plastic surgeon and when it comes to Spero Theodorou MD, patients have no second thoughts. At his AAASF accredited private practice in Manhattan, New York City, he addresses the case specific concerns of patients and is committed to delivering safe and quality results.

To schedule an appointment for an initial consultation, please call 212-517-5678 or send an e-mail to info@sjtheodorou.com.

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Cheek Augmentation

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