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Male Blepharoplasty Surgery

Are you looking for a safe cosmetic procedure that can address your tired, puffy eyes and sagging eyebrows and restore your youthful-looking face? The safe and effective male blepharoplasty surgery availableat the practice of Dr. Spero J Theodorou in NYC is a great option for these aesthetic concerns. The treatment effectively addresses the signs of aging around the eyes and helps you achieve a more balanced, youthful and attractive facial appearance.

Eyelid Surgery

Specifically for Men

Dr. Theodorou is specialized in blepharoplasty for men and knows the individual characteristics of male and female eyes. During the procedure, he takes special care to see that masculine elements including a more level eyebrow and a lower upper eyelid crease are preserved.

The practice offers both upper and lower eyelid surgery for men to help address the following aesthetic concerns.

  • Loose, sagging skin in the upper eyelid
  • Droopiness of upper eyelids
  • Surplus skin and wrinkles in the lower eyelid
  • Puffiness or bags under the eyes
  • Excess fatty deposits in the upper eyelid

The procedure involves removal and repositioning of the excess muscle, fat or skin, tightening of skin and muscle, and smoothing of the line between the eyelid and the cheek. With the objective of limiting visible scarring, the surgeon makes the incisions in discreteareas. The surplus tissue of the upper eyelid can cause functional visual impairment and the surgeon tactfully uses the treatment possibilities to effectively restore peripheral vision.


Eyelid Surgery


Not all men are candidates for the treatment and Dr. Theodorou performs a complete evaluation during the initial consultation phase to learn if you can benefit from the surgery. He would evaluate the extent of drooping in the upper eyelids and surplus skin and fat in the lower eyelids. Considering your actual concerns, preferences and goals, he would set up an individualized treatment plan that would work best in your case.

The surgeon would discuss all aspects of the procedure including the risks and benefits involved to help you take an informed decision. He and his support staff are devoted to ensuring utmost patient care and comfort, and provide end-to-end attention and care. He may sometimes recommend a combination of eyelid lift and face lift and/or brow lift surgery to improve the overall outcome.

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Male Blepharoplasty Surgery

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