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Nose Surgery for Women

Dr. Spero J Theodorou offers nose surgery for women at his plastic surgery practice in Manhattan, NYC that can help improve the size and shape of your nose or address the breathing issues caused by nasal distortion. The surgeon specialized in female nose surgery effectively reshapes the nose to enhance form and function and improve the overall facial appearance.

After carefully understanding the candidate’s goals, expectations and preferences, the surgeon sets up a comprehensive treatment plan to restore skin coverage, improve the shape, size and position of the nose, recreate normal contours or re-establish nasal airflow.


Rhinoplasty Surgery

The surgeon is aware that the nasal profiles of men and women are different and keeps this in mind when preparing the Rhinoplasty treatment plan. With the goal of blending the nose harmoniously with the rest of your facial features, he utilizes the treatment possibilities to achieve the following.

  • Alter the angle between the nose and upper lip
  • Change the overall size of the nose
  • Narrow the shape of the nostrils (correction of wide or upturned nostrils)
  • Correct large or drooping nasal tip problems
  • Change nose width at the bridge
  • Revise a previous rhinoplasty

The practice also provides nasal reconstructive surgery to address the nasal distortion caused due to accidents, sports injuries or birth defects.

Why Choose the Practice of Dr. Spero J Theodorou?

The plastic surgeon and support staff here are devoted to utmost patient care and comfort and gives all guidance and support right from your initial consultation through treatment to complete recovery.

Here are the other benefits.

  • Customized treatment plan
  • Safe and effective techniques
  • Use of 3D imaging to plan surgery
  • Dedicated follow-ups
  • Virtual consultation facility

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Nose Surgery for Women

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